Craftwork 2022

Craftwork uses the crafts and creativity found in archaeological objects to stimulate sustainable economic growth and social regeneration on Scottish islands.

Will you be in Uist in September 2022 can get involved – timetable of event is here

The islands have a rich artistic heritage spanning thousands of years. One aspect of this is the working of antler and bone to create items of use and ornament.


To use archaeological artefacts to enhance community development, and support sustainable educational, economic, heritage, environmental and tourism impacts.


Deliver workshops and resources to

  • Increase knowledge of artefacts production and use
  • Provide skills training in artefact creation.
  • Stimulate creative responses
  • Develop related products e.g. copies, art, paying workshops, and themed events.  
  • Develop relationships and materials to ensure longer-term sustainability of the project e.g. via zoom consultations, on-line content (‘how-to’ videos), museum and tourist content (e.g. leaflets).
  • Highlight the value of local resources
  • Create a physical archive of artefacts for local museum display and handling

This project focuses on the Outer Hebrides; these islands face numerous issues and challenges associated with widely dispersed insular and rural communities. There are national and local calls to respond to these issues (e.g. the Island Act) and heritage is one way to support regeneration. We will build on our knowledge of artefacts and experience in delivering impactful workshops with local communities to explore, recreate and respond to heritage items creating skills and employment.

Working with local arts, crafts, schools, museums, training and community groups we will explore how ancient bone and antler artefacts are made, used and understood and provide skills training for heritage artefact production and promotion.  By creating a series of resources that provide long-term access to training and information the project will support art, craft, education, tourist and business-focused responses e.g. to create copies or associated items, artistic outcomes, paying workshops and themed events. 

More broadly the project will highlight the unique insular links between cultural and natural heritage and develop promotional materials.