Hart of Ely at the Squirrel’s Nest

One of the central aims of this project, was to encourage the sharing of skills and knowledge, beyond the initial shed members and into the wider community. We hope that through this, more and more people will gain an appreciation for deer as an animal and as a natural resource, and for their own history and heritage.

With that in mind, we made a visit to another shed – the Squirrel’s Nest in Bridgend. The HOE team, with several of the Dusty Shed members, brought their antler-working knowledge to this new audience, and held a ring-making workshop in November.  More than ten of the MIS Bridgend members were present, so the level of interest was extremely high.

Skills transmission was also highly successful, and it seems that because the instruction was given by other MIS members instead of academics, any barriers that may otherwise have existed between us and the Bridgend members were broken far quicker. In all the day was fantastic, and we must thank the Squirrel’s Nest for allowing us to visit and share our passion!



Phil from the Dusty Shed imparting wisdom



Paul from the Dusty Shed teaching how to hollow-out an antler


The finished product!