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Dear Shamanic Street Preachers

Please accept my warmest thanks for your stunning workshops that contributed so instrumentally towards making the Wilderness in the City Live Friday such a success. You were a real asset to the evening and it was wonderful to bring the Egypt Galleries and Education Studio alive on Friday night; the visitors involved were quite clearly having a great time. You all displayed incredible amounts of enthusiasm and stamina, no doubt you all slept well on Friday night!

We’ve already received positive feedback from visitors and very much hope that your personal experience on the night reflected this too. An impressively wide range of people attended the event and in total we had approximately 2340 visitors on the night. It was so fantastic to witness so many talented and willing people pull together in order to find creative ways in which to work around, and within, the confines of the museum and to see visitors engaging with the collections outside of normal opening hours.
We very much hope to welcome you to future late night events.  Most importantly though, thank you once again for your role in spreading the summer festival spirit through The Ashmolean.
 With very best wishes,
 LiveFriday team

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