Festivals and Events 2019

Stonehengebury’s at Green Man’s Einstein’s Garden

Following the massive success of last year’s ‘Eat the Past’ campaign, Guerilla Archaeology will continue bringing our Neolithic grocery to festivals and events around the UK, as well as antler carving at Glastonbury!

How The Light Gets In May 24-27

Bryn Celli Ddu Open Day June 22

Glastonbury June 26-30

Bluedot July 18-21

Green Man Settlers August 12-14

Green Man Einstein’s Garden August 15-18

Shambala August 22-25

If you find yourself at any of these wonderful events, please stop by our shop, ‘Stonehengebury’s’, to learn about the advent of farming, animal domestication, grain production, and feasting and festivals! See if you can put together a Neolithic feast from ingredients available in Britain 4000 years ago, whilst avoiding others that were introduced later. Try your hand at producing flour and polishing stone tools, and take home your own seeds to grow your own! Handle real archaeological remains from the Neolithic as our shopkeepers discuss the science behind archaeology.

As in years past, we will be running antler ring carving workshops at Glastonbury’s Green Crafts! We were #17 of the top 50 things to do at Glastonbury 2017, so if you missed us last time, be sure to stop in early and sign up!

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Guerilla Archaeology at Bluedot 2018