Festivals 2017

In summer 2017, Guerilla Archaeologists were out and about at a number of events, aimed at peaking the public’s interest about the past. We returned to a number of our traditional haunts, as well as heading off to pastures new.

Bryn Celli Ddu, 17th June

This celebration of the summer solstice in Anglesey at the Neolithic burial chamber of Bryn Celli Ddu is a special place, with the sun shining down the chamber of the tomb.  Cadw are running a celebration of the Neolithic at the monument and we took our Bog Body Shop along to explore ancient beauty.

Glastonbury, 21st-25th June

We went to Glastonbury, to the Greencraft Village, again to work antler, and to think about the role of craft in building communities and how skills are shared (questions emerging from our work at Glastonbury in previous year and our Hart of Ely project). See what we got up to here….

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Bluedot, 7th-9th July

New for us was Bluedot –  a festival that combines music, science, culture and art. Set with the Lovell Telescope, at Jodrell Bank, in the background, we appeared in the Planet Field and took our ‘Luntatiks and Sunworshippers‘ activities along to examine the role of the skies, planets and stars in the past.

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Wilderness, 3rd-6th August

We are developed a brand new event for Wilderness building on our Music Museum concept. We curated a crowd-sourced pop-up Memento Museum at Wilderness. We  celebrated the past in your pocket (bag or tent) by recording the treasure and trinkets that travel with you wherever you go. Our team of Guerilla Archaeologists chatted about the evidence we have for portable personal items keeping memories alive in the past and then grabbed the story and a snap of your keepsake. Whether a lucky charm, a vintage frock, or your trusty camping mug, our Memento Museum created a unique glimpse into the network of memories that converge at Wilderness.

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Settlers at Green Man, 14th-16th August

We went back at Green Man this year, after our success at Settlers last year (we all really enjoyed our Slingshot School and Competition) this year we focused on this part of the event. So sorry, no Einsteins Garden, but we are hosted the Iron Age Olympics! Folk joined our Olympic training camps, and entered their crack Celtic team into our Olympic competition.  Teams learnt a few fun prehistoric skills and competed with other  clans for the glory of Iron Age gold.