DIY Antler Rings – Glastonbury Green Crafts

There is no Glastonbury Festival 2020, but you can join in our socially distanced Guerilla Archaeology Ancient Antler workshop whilst enjoying virtual Glasto in your garden. We have carefully recreated all the steps you need to make a copy of a Viking Ring, found on our excavations in the Western Isles.

  • Tools – most importantly a round and a flat file, and (if not ordering the pack) the images below list the full tool list.
  • An antler blank – you can either make your own or we have made a number of antler ring blank packs available (for cost) on our newly created Etsy shop. See below for sizing.
  • Watch our short how-to videos – Video 1 is here. You can also find them on Twitter or Instagram @GuerillaArchae or Facebook in the run up to the Glastonbury weekend. These short videos lead you through all the major stages.
  • Decoration – creating patterns on worked rings is too tricky for most folk, but our videos do demonstrate the technique. If you do not want to risk damaging your ring, bring it along to Glasto 2021 and we will decorate it for you there.
  • Time – ring making can take up to two hours to complete but can be completed by most people, just keep going and let the files do the work.
  • Tool cleaning – remember to clean your files every now and then as they get clogged up with antler dust. Tap them sharply a few times or in extreme cases use a wire brush.
  • Documentation – we have images of every ring we have ever made at Glastonbury – please send us a photo on social media, with a big smile…..
The minimum tools needed to create a ring

Our packs contain all you need (bar the files) to produce a polished ring to impress your pals. Use the ring sizer to work out which pack to order.

Pack Contents
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tools-1-04.jpg
Ring making stages

For those of you who want to go it alone – our recommended full equipment list is below.

Plain ring making is easy, just follow stages 1 to 4…..and watch the videos and look at our other pages.

By the way, we have found archaeological equivalents of all of these items. and/or established these tools existed through experimental and micro-wear research. So no, you are not cheating.

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