Thanks for 2012

Guerilla Archaeology would like to thank all those working on the Shamanic Street Preacher events in 2012.   Special mention firstly to those who helped to design the project, events and resources – Ffion Reynolds shamanic specialist and blog manager, Ian Dennis creator of the stag head dresses and the iTribe images and Edwina Williams-Jones designer of our shamanic costumes. These three, along with Matt Law, also helped to manage the individual events and everyone involved contributed their ideas and energy to make the event a success.  This really was a team effort.

At our first festival, Secret Garden Party, Dylan Adams and Henry Droselda led drumming and shamanic activities respectively and were helped out by Emily Gal, Johnny Horn, Richard Madgwick, Rhiannon Philp, Rhiannon White and Evie Manning. At Wilderness the talk was delivered by Julia Best, with Ian Bennett, Jen Jones and Rob May and helping out in the workshops.  Ian Dennis, Ciaran Lavelle, Matt Law, Sam Pointer, Hannah Potter and Holly Mae Steane-Price dealt with the large crowds at Green Man whilst the final festival Shambala bought together old (Matt, Ffion, Holly and Rhiannon) and new team members – Matt Nichols, Alice Forward, Manon Jenkins and Tasha Wilton to close the festival season.

We had a breakout Shamanic Shopping event, supported by the Hand of Roath, Lee Campbell and Robert Kennedy, with mint fresh GAs and we also took GA to the Theoretical Archaeology Conference for Shamanic Seasonal Greetings.

Paul Evans designed the Guerilla Archaeology logo, Bryony Mulville created the soft signage, Lorelei Simon  helped out with equipment and Enda Mulville set up/took at Green Man. A warm thanks to John Fletcher for the deer skulls, to the Rew-Shaws for our shamanic publicity shots and to Jeanie for the deer head.  We are also indebted to Dave Wyatt, Annie Brown, Sue Virgo and Cardiff University for providing support. Paul Petitt provided invaluable information on prehistoric hand print art. Ben De Vere, Ellen Dowell and Sid Shambala all made us welcome at various events whilst Secret Productions and Shambala also provided financial support.

GA also would like to thank everyone who has patiently listened and helped to refine our madcap ideas (particularly Robert Pearce whose life and house was infested with shamanic activity over the past 12 months). And last, but not least, thank you to all the people who came to see us and joined us in becoming Shaman.

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