Summer of Shaman: Festival Timetable 2012

This year we will be taking the Shamanic Street Preachers out to meet the public, performing at a range of exciting festivals across Britain. Prepare to wonder at the richness of human societies in the past, follow in the footsteps of ancestors and explore your wild side!

The Shamanic Street Preachers draw on thousands of years experience to give you the chance to get a new perspective on the world. Shamans mediated between animals and humans, ourselves and the spirit world, the living the dead. They healed through ceremony, ritual, music and dance.  Now with our costumes and disguises we want to bring out the beast in you and breathe new life into Shamanic ideals at our Great British festivals.

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July 19th – 22nd 2012

Abbots Rippon, Cambridgeshire

Our first festival is one of our biggest events and we will have our own Shaman, Henry Droseda and the musician Dylan Adams joining us.

The ‘Ceremony’ theme for Secret Garden Party 2012 is made for us  We will be bringing the past to life by encouraging you to create music, art, movement and disguise and take part in our very own Shamanic ceremonial events.


10th -12th August 2012

Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

We could not resist the lure of a festival called Wilderness. The Shamanic Street Preachers will be out to convert the public to our way of being on Friday at 4pm.  We will also be running two hour long workshops Saturday 4pm and Sunday 11am where you can join us and become Shamanic through ceremony and disguise.


17th – 19th August

Glanusk Estate, Crickhowell

The Green Man is one of us, last year he merged human and animal form by sporting a fine set of antlers. This year you can make and wear your own.  At Green Man we hope to be back in Einstein’s Garden with a focus Shamanic Science or as we think of it, magic!  Catch us on the video with last years Back to the Future event and the washing line of time.


23rd – 27th August

Nr Market Harbourough

We finish the festival season in style preaching from our own Shamanic Yurt at Shambala.  Returning to the themes explored at Secret Garden we will be offering you the chance to make music, art and new friends at our action camp.  We will be encouraging one and all to join us in becoming Shaman.

See you there…..

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