What will we do in 2022?

Every year we have to re-apply to attend music and arts events. We regularly create new works in response to emerging research, ideas and concerns as well as maintaining our core activities.

This year we have two different themes. We hope to return to Bryn Celli Ddu, Bluedot and Green Man.


Ancient Antler Working

We continue to develop our antler craft skills, workshops and research (see Events 2021) adding new artefacts and activities to our skill sets.

Space Archaeology

Guerilla Archaeology Space Administration (GASA)

At Bluedot and Green Man our new theme is Space Archaeology.

Guerilla Archaeology will be exploring the links between archaeology and space, with a clear focus on science fact and science fiction. Working with Alice Gorman, space archaeologist, we have created a series of interactive events suitable for all ages.

We have always looked to the skies. Traces of our obsession are visible in the structures we build, the images we make and our attempts to understand just what’s ‘out there’.

Join us in considering all aspects of space and time as we voyage across the centuries, across the globe and out to the galaxies to understand our interstellar ambitions. Come create time capsules, explore space landings, sky observations, satellites and get involved in International Space Station Archaeology.

And, whilst you’re here, just what evidence is there for alien interventions? From tales of ancient aliens introducing technologies to extraordinary humans creating the Pyramids as communication devices and ancient giants who ruled America – just what do archaeologists really think?

The truth is in here.

Space Activities

Activities will include: ‘Aliens versus Earthlings’ will present evidence from key parts of the past that have been attributed to alien interventions and ask folk to decide who is responsible.

In ‘Space and place’ festival-goers can take part in mapping the archaeology of space. Whilst Aliens are not known to have visited us, we do know that our travels in near and outer space are creating and finding new archaeology – for example within the International Space Station (see https://issarchaeology.org/) and during the moon landings.

As part of ‘Time Capsules’, we will be examining existing time capsules (e.g. the Golden Record) and designing new ones (future space archaeology) to be sent out into the universe to represent life in the 21st century.

In ‘Spacehenge’ – people can vote for their favourite space exploration sites or satellites to be preserved as a new form of archaeology.

Footprints on the Moon Image NASA

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