Guerilla Archaeology Events

As each year goes by we like to keep a record of the fun we have had. This page holds all those memories for us, ordered year by year.

Festivals 2020

Festivals and Events 2019

We took food themed fun to How the Light Gets In, Bluedot, Green Man and Shambala. Whilst antler working at Glastonbury proved more popular than ever.

Festivals 2018

We built a prehistoric supermarket ‘Stonehengeburys’ to explore ancient cooking and eating. Our feast at Stonehenge included a prehistoric cooking demo, with Operation Nightingale we hosted a ready steady cook competition, and had a very busy week at New Science Live.

Festivals 2017

We built a Momento Museum at Wilderness festival, took Lunatiks and Sunworshippers to Bluedot, held the the Iron Age Olympics at Green Man; Settlers and took antler working to Ely and to Glastonbury.

Festivals 2016 – Bog Body Shop

We celebrated the archaeology of the body, from art to flesh what do we know about what people looked like in the pasts

Festivals 2015

Death in all its glory was celebrated, from Mexican skull art, to understanding the remains of the dead.

Festivals 2014

This year we looked to the skies, examining the archaeology of the celestial world, star, moon and sun.

Festivals 2013

Festivals 2012

Festivals 2016