Becoming Shaman

In 2011 we went to Green Man music festival with Back to the Future  in 2012 we are holding a series of Shamanic themed events.

Ritual formed a central part of the earliest British societies and Shamans were part of these ceremonies.  Guerrilla Archaeology offers participants the chance to explore the earliest evidence for native British Shamanic practices and to join with us to once again bring these rites to life.

In ‘Becoming Shaman’ we use both knowledge and practice to weave the themes of Shamanic healing and community into festivals. By leading participants from deepest time to present day we will encourage people to comprehend and draw upon their common past and explore their world via shamanic transformations.  We want to break down the barriers between our ancestors and ourselves, and by drawing on our rich native archaeological heritage, ask questions about our own place in the world today. Transformation and disguise, movement and music will encourage participants to break down their inhibitions and reach out beyond the individual into the wider world.

Guerilla Archaeology is an archaeology/arts/science collective who believe the past is of relevance to our future.  In ‘Becoming Shaman’ we bring together academics, artists, musicians and shamans and use our collective knowledge to bring the past alive. We host a series of workshop and interactions in combination with participatory performance using music, art, storytelling, fact and fiction to cross the boundaries between humans and the natural world and to merge past, present and future.

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